The Glass Castle blog #1

Blog #1, pages 1-48

English 10

            In the first section of The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, we are introduced to the Walls family by the insightful narrations from Jeanette Walls, one of the three children of Rose Mary and Rex Walls.  It becomes apparent that the Walls parents are everything but ordinary when Jeannette recalls burning her body while cooking hot dogs alone and calmly being taken to the hospital by her mother.  While in the hospital, she comments on differences between her house and the hospital, like the TV and the bed sheets that are changed daily.  Even though Jeannette finds all the doctors and nurses to be very helpful and nice, her father believes otherwise and decides to take her from the hospital in the middle of the night. 
            A major topic in the book so far is all of the moving the Walls family is doing.  Rex Walls, who could be considered a genius even if he’s a little crazy, seems to always have some sort of money, job, or law breaking problem that always causes them to move. He tells the children that they are moving in order to find gold, using a device that he has yet to invent known as the prospector.  The family goes to a town until they are forced to moving to the next town due to these problems Rex gets them into.  Rose Mary Walls, who has a forth child at the end of this section, is a painter who so far basically follows Rex with the kids from each town to the next.  She prefers the desert climate, which works well with Rex’s search for gold. 


            It seems to me that the Wall’s parents, though both very intelligent, has some very apparent mental issues.  They both have an extreme lack in judgment, especially when it comes to the safety of there children.  Instead of using the nurturing tactic when one of their children is injured, they prefer a harsh, tough it out attitude that could come back to bite them throughout the book.  They also seem to not think thinks through and act on instincts a lot, like how Rex Walls gets fired from his job for yelling at his foreman or how he constantly curses in front of his young children. I predict the Wall’s will probably face more hardship in the coming section.  So far, I enjoy reading about the great struggles this family goes through and how their children are surviving the journey their parents are taking them on. 


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