blog 3, part 2

So Far, I greatly enjoy The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.  The book has some great strengths.  For instance, all the memories are told with great detail down to the dialogue.  Writing what she was thinking during important events in the book has also kept the book strong.  It’s hard to pick a weakness for this book, but I would say that the lack of historical event allusions in the book somewhat weaken the book because the reader doesn’t know what’s going on during the time of the book.  The issue of poverty has been hard for me to comprehend.  Due to my structured, pretty much taken care of life, I cannot imagine wondering if I was going to eat today.  Also, the issue of crazy relatives keeps coming up.  This is one that I can relate to because I too have crazy relatives, but maybe not that crazy.  So this relates to my life.  I predict that the Walls will continue to have financial troubles and will have to stay in Welch for a long time.  I feel the book is a magnificent piece of writing and I can’t wait to read the next section.          


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