Week 3, part 1

Part 1:

This portion of The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls begins as Lori is told she needs glasses.  After receiving her glasses, she decides she would like to be a painter.  It appears that everything is going well for The Wall’s.  Rex Walls joins the engineer’s union and the family appears to finally have a steady flow of money coming in.  But while his drinking seems to be at its worsted, Rex Walls loses his job.  He also continues to cause problems while his intoxicated, like yelling during church, petting a cheetah at the zoo, and burning the Christmas tree and with it, all the presents.  As a Birthday gift, Rex tries to quit drinking for Jeannette, but only comes back to drinking after a failed family trip to the Grand Canyon.  After this, the family decides to go to Welch, West Virginia, a run down cool mining city where Rex’s parents and brother live.  They are currently staying with their grandma, a heavy, ignorant woman.  At the elementary school, Jeanette has some bullying problems but only for the first few weeks.  This is what happened in the book this week.    

Part 2:

            Jeannette Walls, Who spent most of her childhood traveling, was born in Phoenix, Arizona and finally stop moving when she was 10, when her family settled on Welch, West Virginia.  Even though her childhood was filled with rough patches and many lacked public education, she received a degree from Columbia University’s Barnard College.  Her many Journalistic works can be found in such places as New York Magazine, Esquire, MSNBC.com, and USA Today.  The Today show, CNN and PrimeTimeLive have all had her on as a regular guest.  She and her writer husband, John Taylor, now reside in Northern Virginia.


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