Diving Bell blog #1

There are few times when I come across a memoir that I enjoyed reading.  Usually these books are filled with achievement gloating and arrogant statements about the author.  But The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby proved to be quite the opposite of my general interpretation and turned out to be a thoughtful and poetic book.  The Book is filled with thoughts on philosophy and the life around this man as he goes through this painful journey.  Because of his inability to communicate with anything but his left eye, the stories of the book are told exactly as how they appear in the mind of the author, without any interrupting dialogue.  The many dream sequences in the book, which seemed to be a common complaint and a reason for most students to not like the book, were merely just the mind of the author being put down on paper.  The author also did a great job of recalling certain important points in the book, sometimes in great detail, which allows the reader to visualize that he or she is with the author at that particular time.  Another great thing about this book was how easy it was to understand where the author was coming from in certain parts of the book.  Instead of pretending that he once was very loving to the feeble and crippled.  Instead, he talks about how he walked right past these strangers, knowing that it may be sad, but he had a life of his own, and because of these experiences, he realizes that he the body that he once took for granite was now unmovable.  Though the book was lot loved by all of my peers, I still believe that the book was one of the best written books I’ve ever read.  The book reminded me  not take my life for granite and to stick in there when times are tough.              


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