week 4, post 1

Quote #1 “I had to believe they’d come back, I told myself.  If I didn’t believe, then they might not return.  They might leave forever.” (Jeannette Walls, pg 146, The Glass Castle)  This quote is said by the author when her parents are driving alone to their old home in Phoenix, Arizona in order to retrieve some of their possessions.  This quote is very important to the book because shows that Jeannette Walls is beginning to lose faith in her parents.  She even goes as far as to say that if she doesn’t believe they’ll come back, her parents will abandon her and her siblings.  This strikes me as important because Jeannette is usually the child who has the most faith in her parents. 

 Quote #2 “Mom, you have to leave Dad.” (Jeannette Walls, pg 188, The Glass Castle) This quote is said by the author to her mom while she is exercising.  This quote is important because it describes how desperate the Wall’s current situation is because Jeannette is willing kick her father out of the family in order to obtain welfare checks and food stamps (the Wall’s are unable to get either of these items because they have an able bodied father, but because he’s constantly drinking, he isn’t getting any jobs).  This struck me as important because Mrs. Walls, after refusing to kick out her husband, refuses to get a job as a teacher, which would greatly help their family.     


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