Week 4, post 2

Part 4 of The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls began with Rose Mary And Rex Walls driving to Phoenix, Arizona to retrieve some items they left behind.  Unfortunately, the Wall’s house was looted and, while in phoenix, their car broke down and they were forced to take the bus.  Back in Welch, a fight broke out between Lori and her Grandma Erma (who dies a couple weeks after this) after Jeannette caught Erma grabbing Brian’s crotch.  When Mr. Walls got home, he was furious that Lori had struck her grandma.  The Wall’s, partly due to this event, then bought a shabby, grey house on a hill without indoor plumbing, running water, or, most of the time, electricity, located at 93 Little Hobart Street.  Because the Walls couldn’t afford to pay the neighborhood garbage bill, they were forced to put their garbage in a hole in their yard, which Ernie Goad (a neighborhood bully) and his friends use to taunt the Wall’s Children.  There is then a scuffle involving rock throwing until after a while Ernie and his friends leave.  The Wall’s do have a coal stove in their house, but because they rarely have coal to burn, the house is normally freezing.  Also, because Rex is constantly drinking and is unable to get a job, and Rose Mary refuses to both leaving Rex and or getting a job as a teacher, there is still a big food problem at the Walls household.  Part four ended with Jeannette going to the pool with Dinitia because she goes in the morning when there are normally only black people there.  The pool is free in the mornings and after a while, Jeannette fits right in with the other women.     


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