week 5, post #1

Mr. Hatten,

Becuse my blog website is different than the rest of the class’, I wasn’t able to comment directly on my classmates blog pages, so I instead will post these comments on my page. 

Comment 1 Alex’s blog;  Alex, your insight about your memior seems to be pretty detailed.  It is obvious that you had a good understanding about what was going on in the book while you were reading it.  Your blog, in general, seems to be a good summerization of what happened in the book.  I think a good way to improve your blog would be to would be to write how the characters feel during different parts of the book.  The events in the book are obviously quite emotional, and i think it would be helpful to add how the characters feel after these events unfold.  I feel that by doing this, you could greatly help your blog. 

comment #2 Tom’s blog; Tom, it was easy to see by reading your blog that you are currently injoying your memior and also have a vast insight about it.  I say this because in your blog you talk about a funny story in the memior that made you laugh, which proves that your doing more than just reading the book.  Your blog in general seems to be pretty well written, but seems to be a little short.  I feel a good way to improve upon you blog would be to write a more detailed summary about what’s happening in the book.  This will not only help us know more about what’s going on in the book, but also make your blog longer. 


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