week 6, summary post

When the final part of The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls begins, Jeannette has just moved to New York, where Lori now has a job as a waitress at a German restaurant.  Jeannette also but finds work at a hamburger stand, but then leaves that job for a job as a writer for a low budget newspaper called The Phoenix.  During this time, Lori and Jeannette realize that Brian and Maureen cannot stay in Welch and must come to New York to live with them.  Jeannette is then talked into going to college, so she decides to go to Barnard, the sister school of Columbia, which at the time, was only a school for boys.  At this point in the book, Rose Mary and Rex Walls decide to move to New York as well.  Even though it was very easy to find work in New York for the other children, Rose Mary apparently doesn’t want a job and Rex cannot get one because he still continues to drink.  After the Walls parents live with each of their kids at one point, they are eventually told they must find work and get an apartment of their own and are thrown out.  But instead of find jobs like they were suppose to, the Walls parents decide it would be easier to become homeless.  Jeannette has an obvious problem with this because she was at the time going to college and living in an apartment with a man who would later become her first husband.  After a couple of years, Walls parents due manage to get a $1 a night apartment.  During this time, Maureen lives with them.  After an argument, Maureen stabs her mother and is sent to juvenile hall and once she has done her time there, she immediately buys a bus ticket to California and leaves.  After a couple years,   Rex Walls gets a heart attack and dies.  The book ends with Jeannette, Brian, Lori, and Rose Mary Walls having Thanksgiving at the house of Jeannette’s second husband’s family.  They recall their crazy lives and it acts as a good ending to the book. 


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