The Sea Inside post #2

I found that The Sea Inside and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly were both pretty similar and at the same time, very different.  They both dealt with the topics of death and paraplegics.  Also, they were both great examples of how one man’s story of immobility can change the way we think about death and, maybe more importantly, life.  Also, both were pretty entertaining in a sense that they both made you think about more than just what was being shown on the screen or written on the pages of the book.  A big difference between the book and the movie was the conflict.  In The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, The main conflict is that Bauby cannot move and is forced to reflect on his life while he awaits his inevitable death, and in The Sea Inside, the main conflict is that Ramon cannot move, and wants to kill himself because of it.  Also, the fact that the book was a memoir is a great difference because it could not be scripted in a way that would be more likeable, like you could with the movie.  The Sea inside was also dealing with a much more controversial topic, euthanasia, where The Diving Bell and the Butterfly wasn’t.  I thought The Sea Inside was probably more powerful than The Diving Bell and the Butterfly because with the movie, the directors could make certain things more suspenseful or powerful using different viewing techniques that you couldn’t do with a book, not to mention the book is a memoir, so it’s probably not as exciting as a scripted work of fiction.            


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