The Sea Inside post #3

The Sea Inside used a lot of great visual methods to help the meaning of certain shots in the movie.  For instance, in one of the earlier shots in the movie, the camera is trucking from left to right to show all the books on the wall and the items in the bookcases, which acts as a sort of long title shot.  This shot has big significance because it helps introduce the actors. The meaning of the shot is to keep the viewer in suspense about what’s special about Ramon, and the director does this by not showing Ramon in this shot and only showing the books.  In another shot, the whole family, besides Ramon is at the diner table eating.  The shot is a medium that allows all of the people in viewing range.  This shot is pretty significant because it shows all the character’s emotions at once.  The meaning of the shot was to help the viewer see everyone at once.  In another part of the movie, there is a sequence of about 2 second silent medium shots to music showing the deferent love lives of the characters.  This scene was significant because it helped the viewer understand why some of them act the way they do, especially towards Ramon.  The meaning of the sequence was to show how all the characters handle love and relationships.  This is how The Sea inside used viewing techniques to further meanings in the movie.    


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