Water for Elephants, post A, week 2

While reading the next part of Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, I found two vocabulary words; Makeshift (p. 61), which means a temporary substitute, and reveling (p. 108), which means to take great pleasure or delight in something.  I was also able to find some examples of figurative language.  Like in this quote where Jacob is talking about a woman at the nursing home who is going to the circus. “She’s a turnip, she won’t remember a thing” (p. 65).  This is an example of irony because just a second ago, Jacob was complaining about how he can never remember his nurse’s name.  I was also able to find this example of a simile. “What’s not okay is Old Fart McGuinty sitting at my regular table, with my lady friends, and holding court like King Arthur” (p. 67)  This is an example of a simile because Jacob is comparing McGuinty to king Arthur, two unlike things, using like or as.  I also find found another example of a simile in the book.  “…poking the lump of red Jell-O.  It jiggles outrageously, like a breast I once knew” (p. 67).  This is a simile as well because Jacob, again using like or as, is comparing his Jell-O to a breast, which are to very unlike things.  A significant quote I found in the book is one in which Jacob and august are talking about the Jacob’s killing of Silver Star.

“’Is that your first time you’ve shot a horse?’ he says, plucking the cigarette from the package with his teeth.

‘No, but it doesn’t mean I like it.’

‘Part of being a vet, my boy.’”

This quote is significant because it exposes the harsh reality of Jacob’s situation, and by now the reader should understand that this will probably be one of many hard things that Jacob has to do in the future.  One emerging theme tends to be jealousy, especially Jacobs jealousy of McGuinty for taking his regular eating spot and turning everyone against him and the workers’ jealousy of the performers’ luxurious lives.

(note to Mr. Hatten:  I finished this blog 5 minutes after 12:00, so it will probably say nov. 30 instead of the 29th.  I had choir tonight and it ran a little long, so i wasn’t able to start for a while. 


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