Water for Elephants, post A, week 3

In this part of the book, I found two vocabulary words that caught my attention.  Askew(p. 164)-To one side, out of the line, in a crooked position, and Trudge(p. 162)-To walk laboriously or wearily.  I was also able to find three examples of figurative language.  “’Hmmmm?’”(p. 134).  This is an example of onomatopoeia because it is a word said to represent a sound or noise.  On that same page, there was another example of onomatopoeia. “’Mmmmm,’ she says, her eyes half closed,” (p. 134).  Because this is explaining the sound the woman is making with her mouth, it is an example of onomatopoeia.  On page 156, I was able to find an example of symbolism.  “’Hey, Sleeping Beauty,’ he says, shaking me.”  This is symbolism because Jacob isn’t really sleeping beauty, but Walter, the one shaking Jacob, is saying it as a figurative symbol due to his drowsiness.  I found a passage in the reading that I found significant.  “’Because if I thought she was in any danger at all, there’s no knowing what I might do.’  I look up quickly.  August is staring right at me,” (p.159).  This quote is significant because Jacob realizes at this point that August suspects that Jacob is interested in Marlena.  One reoccurring theme in the book seems to be embarrassment, especially the embarrassment Jacob feels.          


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