Water for Elephants, post B, week 3

A letter to Jacob, the protagonist of Water for Elephants


Dear Jacob,

            In the part of the book that I have just read, you appear to be getting into a tricky situation.  By now, it is obvious to the reader that you are interested in Marlena.  In any other situation, this would not be a problem, but Marlena’s partner, August, are very much romantically involved.  In the book, august has quite a temper, and it obvious that he’s very protective of Marlena.  The Problem that you now face Jacob is that you are letting your lust for Marlena get the best of you, like when you kissed her in that alleyway behind the club on page 153.  There is a reason that Marlena did not kiss you back, and left you in the alleyway on page 154, and it’s not because she doesn’t have any interest in you.  It’s because she is worried about the consequences that will follow if you both became secretly involved. The Biggest concern she is thing about is what would happen if August ever found out, what he would do to her, and more importantly, what he would do to you. This is basically what Walter was trying to tell you on page 158.  August is known for his temper, and while you’re at least somewhat on his good side, you should do nothing to change that.  My  advise for you is take any idea of you and Marlena being together out of your head before you do something stupid again that could threaten your life.  


                                                                                                            The Reader


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