Water for Elephants, post B, week 5

In week five of Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, the reader is exposed to probably the biggest climax of the book so far.  From pages 243 to 247, August confronts Marlena and Jacob, right when they are surprising him with champagne, about his suspicions that they are having an affair.  No matter what Marlena and Jacob try to tell August, he has become so convinced by rage and jealousy that Jacob and Marlena are having an affair that he won’t listen to reason.  He soon becomes aggressive and gets into a brawl with Jacob.  During this part, Jacob and August basically pound each other’s faces into pulpy things until Jacob is dragged away by Earl.  August also becomes quite aggressive with Marlena and gives her a black eye, which becomes the reason that she leaves him.  During this whole part, the reader has to watch as a completely inevitable seen enfolds in front of them.  For the majority of the book, Jacob has been obsessed with Marlena, and despite the warnings of his fellow workers, like Walter, he continues to pursue her and lets lust get the best of him.  Unfortunately for Jacob, it seems he could not have found a worse spouse to do this to, mostly because of August.  The man is known for his streaks of violence and aggression, and yet Jacob looks past all of this in order to try to win the heart of a Girl he knows he can’t have.  We’ll see if this leaves Jacob happy or heartbroken in the final section of the book.

Note to Mr. Hatten-both these blogs we’re written Sunday night, but it might say Monday.  Sorry about that.  Happy Holidays!          


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