Water for Elephants, post B, week 6

The final section of Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen ended the book quite happily, which was very unexpected.  The whole book was leading up to the final confrontation between August and Jacob.  It was the main conflict throughout the book and supplied some of the greatest parts of suspense.  The author only made this more traumatic when she announces that Marlena becomes pregnant with Jacobs baby just days before they are about to leave the show, on page 284.  This only teased the reader more about how climatic this confrontation was going to be.  It was widely known that August had a temper and was very protective about Marlena, even after he hit her and she was obviously done with their marriage.  So if August found out about the pregnancy, his main goal would be to either Jacob or have him killed.  But instead of putting this duel of rivals in the book, the author ended the greatest conflict in the book pretty easily.  On page 309, August is laughing by Rosie the elephant while the infamous stampede is taking place when suddenly Rosie takes a giant stake out from the  ground, puts it clean through August’s head, and puts it nonchalantly back into the earth, as if nothing were to have just taken place.  Do to the stampede, the police ruled August’s death to be caused by trampling. Only Jacob knew what really happened.  The reason I’m not to angry that the author took the easy way out is simple; she gave me the ending I was hoping for, which made me a lot happier than the alternative. 


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